Journal of Business Economics and Management, is the scientific publication publishing results of actual scientific researches of fundamental and applied character in the field of economy, business, finance, managements, accounting and logistics.

The scientific works sent to edition have to be original and not published earlier or now not to be under consideration of other conference, a seminar or the magazine. However, authors can submit the expanded version of reports at conferences.

  • Authors bear for reliability of the data stated in articles, responsibility.
  • To the publication articles as already taken place scientists, and beginners are accepted (graduate students, undergraduates, students).
  • Working language of the magazine is English.
  • All articles coming to edition pass obligatory reviewing.
  • Editorial opinion can not coincide with opinion of authors.
  • Edition reserves the right to reject the materials given on the publication without explanation.
  • All articles published in the magazine is in open access on our site.